Project background

  • Difficulties in integration

    Data silo exists,and inhibits data exchange.

  • Hard to unified managing

    complex structure, numerous interfaces, and high maintenance costs.

  • Complex architecture

    Some applications are distributed in stores, some applications are deployed in the data center, and account management is messy.

  • Inefficiency

    Manual management, maintain accounts, create,delete, the operation and maintenance personnel are burdened with work, and the efficiency is not high and error-prone.

  • Poor user experience

    easily forget password, account lockout, etc.

  • Difficult to maintain

    Insufficient workforce in IT department, difficult system operation and maintenance


Business value

  • Improve security
    passwords are encrypted and stored, and support password-free authentication.
    Use one time password, biometrics and other authentication.
    Unified ID to avoid the generation of invalid accounts.
  • Optimized experience
    users do not need to log in repeatedly ;
    provide navigation pages of applications to simplify use;
  • Improve efficiency
    unified management of internal and external users;
    HR system linkage, automatic processing;
    automatic generation of reports and audits
  • Business value
    meet evolving business need and accelerate innovation with a flexible platform
    provide a seamless ,secure experience on any devices.

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