Why financial service needs identity ?

  • High-security requirements

    from internal design to core applications and key data.,Externally involves online banking and user transactions.

  • Internal control, external audit, compliance

    Security audit of Central Bank and CBRC Guidelines on Internal control of Commercial Banks,National Equal Protection Regulations Cyber-security Act, SOX Act, etc.

  • Numerous users and types

    staff, maintenance personnel,External Internet users, bank card users

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Pay attention to user experience, provide users with convenient identity authentication while secure users’ journey.

Solution advantages

Unique identity

  • Use ID
  • mobile phone number
  • email address
  • AD account
  • employee number
  • WeChat account

who are you?

  • Password verification code
  • biometrics
  • QR code
  • etc., digital
  • dynamic password

what have you done?

  • Analysis of user management behavior
  • account access behavior
  • authorization management behavior
  • abnormal behavior

what can you do?

  • The organizational unit
  • role-based
  • user type
  • position
  • attribute authorization
    and access control

solution features

Business Architecture-Privileged ID Management

Business Architecture-Privileged Identity Management

Business value

  • User groups
    business system users
    IT maintenance users
    IoT and API users
  • Internal control and external audit
    internal security control
    centralized log storage
    external and third-party security audit requirements
  • Business support
    business acceptance process and management process
    security maintenance control process
  • Security governance
    meet regulatory compliance requirements
    secure the enterprise

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