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Business Challenges

  • API authentication
  • microsoft service architecture
  • Security of business data transmission
  • Sharing business service
  • Digital Transformation

Project Solution-Business Architecture


  • Leading architecture

    Support microservice architecture and DevOps, seamless integration of ServiceMesh

  • Container deployment

    Based on Docker + K8S,
    with dynamic automatic scaling, can be created and expanded in few second

  • Intelligent alart

    Customized query, user behavior analysis, automatic intelligent alart

  • Inbeded WAF function

    Fulfill AI intelligent warning, AI intelligent threat perception, automatically scanning hacker attack

  • Excellent performance

    Based on Kong, a single server can support 100k concurrent

  • cloud native

    support multi-tenant and automatic physical isolation mechanism


  • IoT support

    The conversion of sensors and physical equipment from industrial control protocols to IP requires communication with the enterprise's access gateway.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Comply with the requirements of regulations, intelligent identification of malicious access and data theft.

  • API Authn&Authz

    Implement API interface authentication and authentication between applications.

  • API integration

    Open API and establish ecosystem with partners.

  • Microservice architecture support

    Connect microservices infrastructure platform and application system to fulfill API distributed management.

Business Value

  • unified API access

    unified access makes it easy to manage API and provide API intelligent analysis.

    Instant access revocation or updates to user permissions based on user profile and status.

  • Accelerate business innovation

    Enable customers and partners to programmatically access data via API, or kick off a workflow, and secure access to APIs.

  • Secure Service

    Provide end-to-end security for APP and mobile.

    Designed for modern web and mobile applications, and service-to-service scenarios

  • Protect Customer & Corporate Data

    A comprehensive policy and process for security is all that protects your data and internal systems from threats

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