Project background

  • massive business systems

    ERP, manufacturing, automobile sales, and after-sales service ,etc.

  • Diversity of users

    internal users, dealers, suppliers, carriers, financial users, Client Internet users, and loT devices on the vehicle-end.

  • Many access models

    multiple access methods such as intranet, extranet, network dedicated line, VPN, etc.

  • decentralized authentic-
    ation and management

    each system performs identity authentication separately, and PKI, OTP, fingerprint, QR code and other authentication are diverse.

  • Lack of centralized contr-
    ol and security audits

    There are various types of IT infrastructure equipment, complex users, trial sharing of high-risk privileged accounts, and no centralized control and security audit of privileged accounts.

  • Low efficiency and high risks

    single sign-on is required to improve work efficiency, and centralized authentication is required to reduce security risks and maintenance costs.

Program description

Business Architecture- logical Architecture

Business Architecture-Privileged Identity Management

Business value

  • business

    Business alignment business process and management process, safety operation and maintenance management process

  • Full life-cycle management

    business system users, IT maintenance users, external users, and IoT and APT users

  • Audit and compliance

    internal security control, centralized log storage, external and third-party security audit requirements

  • Security governance

    meet the requirements of regulations, compliance and risk control

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