Trusted Secure
Cloud Identiy Solution

Security on the
cloud faces huge challenges
  • The flood of attacks from the cloud

    Malicious attacks and DDoS attacks on applications and infrastructure on the cloud entering the Tb level are no accidents.

  • Cloud security after identity information leak

    In November 2019, the world's top 500 companies were exposed to 21 million login credentials on the dark web.

  • API becomes a
    new target

    Anyone on the cloud can view their customer information through a non-verification API.

  • Cloud core data is stolen frequently

    A large amount of sensitive data is transmitted in plain text, and there is no audit service. Hackers can easily obtain a large amount of information in the database.

  • Rights management issues become shortcomings

    In addition to traditional threats, virtualization, multi-tenancy, and rights management issues make Cloud DC face greater risks.

  • Cloud application background security management is weak

    A large number of hackers control administrators and devices through remote intrusion, and there are hidden security risks in background application management.

Cloud protection full-stack solution
Paraview Trusted Cloud Identity Security Platform provides user security, monitoring security and service security protection for risks on the cloud, providing basic functions such as identity, authentication, risk, etc., as well as dimensions such as application, host, data, API interface, operation and maintenance Provide enhanced security management to comprehensively improve the security protection and capabilities of the front-end, business, background, and data.
Trusted security protection
technology architecture
Provide integrated
cloud security services
  • Security consulting services

    Paraview has hundreds of security experts to provide enterprises with the most suitable security consulting services to create the most suitable security architecture for their own enterprises

  • Security Product Service

    Paraview provides integrated security components that integrate identity security, API security, privileged identity management, and data security to escort enterprise security

  • Security configuration service

    Paraview selects the best cloud platform security components for cloud platform customers, guarantees enterprise security and saves resources for the enterprise, and provides cloud platform security component configuration and construction services

  • Secure OMS

    Paraview provides the overall security operation and maintenance of the cloud platform in the later stage of the enterprise, always detecting and escorting your cloud platform.

Business value
Trusted cloud identity security business value
  • Improve the ability to respond to security risks on the cloud

    Through the platform security service, realize the management and control of information security risks

  • Strengthen business data security protection capabilities

    Through data access and authorization management, ensure the safe use and access of data.

  • Strengthen SaaS application security management capabilities.

    For SaaS applications, provide authentication and authorization to strengthen SaaS protection.

  • Monitor operation and maintenance users' safe operation ability

    Standardize and supervise the operational risks and authorization risks of safety O & M personnel

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