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Business Challenges

  • Security Risk

    More and more enterprises are facing great challenges to identity security for the popularization and promotion of SaaS applications.

  • Digital transformation

    Aiming at the enterprise cloud in digital transformation, it is necessary to consider the security architecture and identity integration of cloud applications from the top-level design.

  • User experience

    Internet users use cloud platforms in a rapid rise and safety is required on the cloud to identify and ensure security to users and improve user's experience.

  • Improves efficiency and lowers cost

    Achieve quick access to SaaS applications, uniformly build a cloud identity security system, and improve the operating results of enterprises.

Product Architecture


  • Flexible deployment

    Provide private cloud, hybrid cloud,public cloud.
    Multiple deployment models meet various needs.

  • Secure and reliable

    Top-level security, penetration testing, third-party encryption, DDOS attack protection, situational awareness, grayscale upgrades ...

  • Easy to use

    The cloud subscription method eliminates the need for development and out-of-the-box use, while meeting customers' cloud and security needs.


Paraview Software Identity Cloud
  • Cloud services for enterprises

    Help small and
    medium-sized enterprises achieve low-cost and fast cloud services

  • Private cloud management

    Manage private cloud app within the enterprise to achieve security certification and management

  • ISV

    Information service business opportunities publish cloud application services through the platform to achieve revenue and market growth

  • SaaS

    Enterprises provide secure and reliable SaaS services to the outside world through the platform to quickly divert and monetize

  • Convergence

    Connect different channels and cloud platform resources to build business and model ecological development

Business value

  • Safe and reliable

    Provide a variety of secure access and authentication methods, and integrate biometric and AI technologies ,to achieve platform security and reliability.

  • Easy to use

    Through hierarchical authorization, multi-tenancy, multi-project management methods and service plug-in, the platform is easier to operate and use.

  • SaaS adoption

    Support multiple cloud deployment services and micro-service architectures to facilitate the rapid integration and integration of cloud applications and ensure the efficiency of the cloud

  • Optimized operation

    Achieve unified identity authentication, access control and compliance audit of the platform, and improve the management efficiency of the platform

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