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Business Challenges

Product Architecture


  • Provides several methods for discovering privileged accounts and credentials, and scans all distributed networks and discovers both local and domain accounts,to validate privilege access based on enterprise policy.

  • Establishes a secure control point to prevent credential exposure and isolate critical assets from end users with transparent connections to target systems ,enables secure connections to critical systems.

  • Maintain and safeguard the accounts within a system that have special access to sensitive data. Privileged users can take a variety of forms, from trusted high-security company managers to IT contractors with the ability to access necessary data.

  • Collect an intuitive audit of privileged account activities, so that admins can easily run automated, custom reports of privileged account log data. Automatically record and store privileged sessions, can monitor privileged activities with multiple authentication methods and Multi protocol support

Application Framework

Business value

  • Enhance access security

    Enable organizations with the ability to take a risk-based approach to credential and session management.

    Enforce least privilege principles and lock down domain controllers to defend against both internal and advanced persistent threats.

  • Improve compliance

    Provide a consistent, automated, auditable global policy and process for managing infrastructure change

    Enabling audit compliance with SOX and PCI requirements

  • Easily operating

    Using the PAM feature , admins can easily integrate with Active Directory to set privileged user access as needed. Admins can also achieve insight into whether current privileged accounts are working as intended.

  • Lower costs

    Security automation enables you to avoid time-intensive manual tasks like scouring log data for threats, which can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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