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Business Challenges

  • Regulations Compliance

    ISO27001 GDPR
    puts forward mandatory requirements for security certification and audit.

  • Security risk

    passwords can be easily compromised.Managing security can be difficult with common identity-related attacks.

  • Repeated integration

    Application integration and maintenance of third-party biometric authentication and MFA are time- consuming and expensive.

  • user experience

    How to balance user experience and identity security.

Product architecture


  • Protect your identity,and helps safeguard access to data and applications

  • Enable users secure, seamless access to all their apps with SSO

  • Provide strong authentication for different applications and user roles

  • Quick deployment, with high secure

  • Provide standard API interface, flexible integration of various applications

  • More flexible and lower cost


Business Value

  • Enhance information platform security, avoid data breach and business losses.

  • Improve user experience, make it secure, convenient and efficient.

  • Meet all national regulations and requirements.

  • Lower the cost of integration and operation.

  • Rapid integration with application, and simplfy maintence.

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