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Business Challenges

Access management is a crucial part of today’s information security. There are huge risks in identity authentication due to weak passwords, multiple sets of passwords, simple authentication, access violation, and etc.

Product architecture


  • Full-Coverage

    Full Identity types support:

  • flexible & agile

    TOTP, QRCode, SMS verification code, PKI / CA authentication, biometric authentication and WeChat, QQ, Alipay, weibo and other Internet authentication.

  • Support microservices

    Support microservice architecture and can achieve fine-grained services, high performance and high availability

  • Out-of-Box

    Support standards application:
    including WebService, Restful API, JDBC, LDAP,FormBased, SAML,Oauth, LTPA, Kerbros, OpenID, JWT, etc.
    Support main-stream business, Including SAP,Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Localation applications

  • Easy Customization

    Integrate standard interfaces and protocols, including WebService, Restful API, JDBC, LDAP, etc. and FormBased, SAML, OAuth, LTPA, Kerbros, OpenID, JWT, etc., to adapt to various types of application integrated access


As an unified and flexible AM solution, Parasecure Access Management provides security administration, authentication, authorization, and audit services for any use case, including workforce, consumer, IoT, and APIs.

Business value

  • Fulfill easy access and authentication for users by Unified access portal and one ID login.

  • Embedded strong authentication, web SSO, federated SSO and enterprise SSO ,to ensure strict security standards.

  • Enforce internal and regulatory requirements for managing and monitoring application.

  • Lower integration and operational costs with a common standard of IAM services for custom enterprise and internet applications.

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