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Business Challenges

Lack of identity governance threaten the business success, identity fraud and sensitive data leak cause financial loss.
Today, identity management play more and more important role in digital transformation.

Product architecture


  • Full-Coverage

    Full Identity types support:

  • Microservices Architecture

    Support microservice architecture and can achieve fine-grained services, high performance and high availability

  • BigData Support

    Adopt big data technology, such as Elastic Search and ELK, support huge amount users scenario

  • Out-of-Box

    Support standards application:
    including WebService, Restful API, JDBC, LDAP, XML, JDBC, AD connectors, etc.,
    Support main-stream business, Including SAP,Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Localation applications

  • Easy Customization

    With configurable modules and functions, such as data dictionary, account mapping and other functions, can be expanded through configuration operations,instead of code development


ParaSecure Enterprise Identity Center is comprehensive user store, role management, user provisioning and user lifecycle management identity management system. Leveraging the ParaSecure™ technology, EIC fulfills the identity security by providing HR data feed, policy driven provisioning, workflow and audit report to business applications within your organization.

Business Value

  • Reduce information security risks, privacy risks and business risks caused by malicious employees

  • Simplify access control and improve identity goverance

  • Improve operation
    efficiency and reduce costs

  • Meet national regular compliance and security policy

  • Satisfy users and
    improve user experience

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