Taiping Insurance Group
Identity Management

Customer introduction

  • China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd. is one of the four state-owned financial insurance groups.
  • Headquartered in Hong Kong, the business scope covers life insurance, property insurance, pension insurance, reinsurance, reinsurance brokerage and other fields, providing customers with one-stop comprehensive financial insurance services.

Project content

Project Objectives

  • Unified Identity Authentication Center

    Support Sstandard protocol authentication protocol method support, such as SAML, OAuth, LDAP, LTPA, etc.

    Provide standard SDK and API services, provide development platform to to rapidly integrate applications.

    Single sign-on integration for existing applications

    Support multi-factor authentication

  • Unified identity management

    Identity synchronization, support multiple data sources, internal and external users

    Unified identity management, centralized application account management

    Attempt to establish a full life cycle

  • Formulate unified specifications (identity management / application integration)

    Unified and centralized security audit

Project scope

  • Institutional Sscope

    Group hHeadquarters and domestic institutions, including various subsidiaries

  • Scope of system integration

    about 100 office application systems of this project

  • User scope

    internal users and external users, totally 70,000+ users

Project planSolution - Group, organization, application classification management

Project planSolution - unified identity authentication and single sign-on

Project planSolution- unified identity authentication and single sign-on

ProjectBusiness value

  • Flexible user authentication

    One ID One Password
    Diversified authentication of multiple identity credentials

  • Norms and standards

    Provide Open Guide integration guide service standard SDK,
    Restful API

  • Open platform architecture system

    SOA architecture, support micro-service architecture based on Internet standard protocol, Docker deployment platform independent, language independent, terminal independent

  • High availability and easy maintenance

    DevOPS deployment, rapid iteration
    Data bidirectional replication technology
    Open API supports deep customization

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