Privileged Access
Management for Bank of
Communications Data Center

Customer introduction

  • Bank of Communications is one of the five largest state-owned banks with business outlets all over the country.
  • headquartered in Shanghai, its data center supports core businesses such as Bank of Communications' domestic and overseas branches, funds, and offshore finance, concluding system department, security department, business department, and a large number of users of maintenance vendors.
  • More than 4000 servers, and about 80,000 privileged accounts.

Business Challenges

  • Large number of servers, involving complicated accounts, and it is difficult to manage the entire life cycle of accounts.

  • Lack of a unified management system for privileged account Account collection, account statistics, account classification, account authorization by excel data sheet.

  • Scans all distributed networks and discovers both local an domain accounts. All relevant privileged account information is retrieved , such as UID, main group, directory permissions, ssh, telnet, ftp, rlogin, locked, etc.

  • Lack of automatic detection of account profile , account permissions, and notifications. Lack of account-related audits.

Project scope

Solution -system architecture


  • Provide a unified account management platform to reduce the difficulty of account life-cycle management.

  • Automate account classification to solve the status of difficulty in account classification.

  • Provide permission change and authorization to improve system administrator efficiency.

  • It realizes a seamless connection with CMDB, IBM cloud service platform and bastion machine platform, realizes unified asset management, and defines standard management processes for later asset management.

  • Provide account statistics, authority statistics, change statistics, and other related audits.

  • Automatically scan the account's own permission statistics view, such as UID, main group, directory permissions, ssh, telnet, ftp, rlogin, locked, etc., to provide account permission attempts.

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