FAW-Volkswagen Unified
Identity Authentication Center

Project Overview

Business background

  • FAW-Volkswagen implemented the dealer portal system in 2005 to fulfill portal-based single sign-on for dealer users;

  • In 2008, unified identity management was brought into opera-tion, and the initial users were mainly internal managers, employees, dealers, suppliers, and carriers;

  • Employees use the AD account as the user ID, and dealers, suppliers, carriers and other users use the code + role number as the use ID;

  • Features

    Users: employees, dealers, suppliers, carriers, partners, external temporary users, mobile devices, etc.,
    Large number of users: up to 100+ integrated applications have been completed

Solution-Identity Management

Solution -Authentication and Authorization

Solution-Security Audit

Solution-Security Audit

  • Identity management

    build a complete IT identity master data center (including all possible IT identities);
    full life cycle management of IT identities.

  • Authorization

    Implement Coarse-grained privilege control;
    Enable dealers access to dealer business system based on identity role.

  • Authentication management

    set up an open unified authentication platform to provide standardized authentication services for applications;
    support multiple authentication methods (passwords, fingerprints, RSA tokens, digital certificates, industrial cards, etc.).

  • Audit

    provide a centralized audit report system;
    meet the internal and external IT audit requirements.

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